Motto: Transforming organizations, institutions, and companies to transform the world.

Vision: To empower participants for effective engage in global development issues for transformational social change.

Mission: Facilitating training, research, analysis and advice and ideas to development actors for the management of emerging social development issues

Key Objective: To promote successful growth of organizations, institutions, and companies through the provision of bespoke or tailored training, advisory and research projects/services.


Professionalism: Professionalism can never be underestimated, for it provides the direction of every project. In this sense, careful regard on all undertakings is taken in the successful completion of all projects.

Partnership: Partnership enables creativity and ingenuity to strive based on a common ground. In this respect, partnerships also merges expertise, experience and knowledge aimed at a given goal.

Commitment: The determination to succeed is pivotal in development, for it enables goal fulfillment. For this reason, deliberate commitment is made constructive engagement, visionary partnership with development actors, including institutions and companies.


The world is moving at very fast pace, with equal demands on development. Areas such as conflict management, climate change solutions, organizational transition, leadership, are key in the current times. Now more than ever, organizations are seeking quality services that will not only impact their focal audiences but also develop their organizations in measurable ways. It is for this reason that I believe three developmental aspects are necessary, namely, training, advisory, and research services. The impact of the three is not realized by merely providing them but by utilizing creativity for the purposes of ownership and development. Coupled with the three it is strongly believed that effective partnerships with organizations, institutions, and companies is instrumental in developing formidable bespoke programs in training, advisory services and research.


Caroline’s work was birthed after a careful analysis of the developmental gaps and realities faced by organizations, institutions, communities, and businesses in the African continent. Prevailing information continues to indicate the need for researched information and programs geared towards problem solutions in the areas of development gaps, governance, conflict management and resolution, organizational and program development. Success of these areas is progressive with residual effects for the next generation of actors.

In response to these gaps, and as an independent consultant, Caroline works with non-governmental organizations and institutions through the provision of program development, and consultancy; the latter the provision of training, advice and research. She endeavors to meet the needs of organizations and companies aimed at effective development and effective solutions. The realization of these areas is contingent on effective partnership, creativity and research based paradigms. It is her hope to partner with your organization in the accomplishment of your program objectives.

Work-oriented Mini CV

Countries worked in: Kenya, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Nigeria, Pakistan, South Africa, and Rwanda


  • Project Management: Development of social development funded projects
  • University Lecturer: Undergraduate and post graduate levels ( Peace and Conflict Studies)
  • Humanitarian trainer ( climate change, social development, Organizational development)
  • Researcher ( politics and oil, sea ports  and regional conflicts in East Africa, East Africa- Middle East Migration, Child protection)

 Education: Master of Arts (International Conflict Management); Ph.D. (ABD) (International Relations)

Professional Courses with Certification: Mediation, Climate Change (Disaster Risk Reduction), Project Management, Training of Trainers, 

Operational Strategy: 2020-2025

To facilitate cross border second generation consultancy services  in research and analysis, strategic advice and ideas propagation on and capacity building  on social and organizational development areas both in non-conflict states and post conflict societies and for effective institutional and country based development, decision making.

Looking for work Partnership?

It is my hope to partner with your organization in the accomplishment of your program objectives.