Aim: Effective problem solution, project and organizational development. Research starts with answering the question, “Why research?

Character/ Type: Qualitative research (identified by my office or bespoke)

Methods: Desk research (review of secondary data); use of primary data, where application

Focal Audiences: Non governmental Organizations, Foreign Relations Think Tanks,  Universities 

Standards: As per research ethical requirements, e.g. coding, respondents’ consent, etc.

Duration: Not exceeding 90 days.

Region: East Africa and Horn of Africa

Areas of Focus: Emerging areas in international regional conflict management, climate change, governance, leadership, migration, child protection, gender development, and human rights.

Costs: Negotiable as per existing market rates


Project Desk Reviews

Aim: To evaluate existing projects with the aim of providing an understanding and analysis of the project status in terms of developmental patterns, achievements, gaps and further development areas. 

Focal Audiences: Non governmental Organizations, Foreign Relations Think Tanks,  Universities

Character/Type: Qualitative and Organizational based

Methods: Use of  existing project  baseline surveys,  needs assessments, organizational strategic plans, existing community and national secondary data/information, including primary data through focus groups discussions, semi-structured interviews or key informant interviews  (through snowballing research technique)

Areas: Migration, child protection, humanitarian assistance,  gender development, climate change ( disaster risk reduction)

 Duration: Not exceeding 60 days ( if field work is required)

Standard: As per contractual terms

Cost: Negotiable as per existing  market rates