Strategic Advice

Aim: Provision of 21st century research based advice on research areas, organizational development, project management, and human skills development. The advisory services also take into consideration the developmental history, achievements,  present and future goals of the clients to produce the best advice possible.

Focal Audiences: Non governmental organizations, corporations, foreign affairs think tanks and individuals 

Methodology: Based on bespoke needs of the clients; the starting point is a profile in-take, needs assessment (where applicable).  For example, in the case of strategic planning, the following other tools are applied; SWOT analysis, alignment model, issue based strategic planning. This aims to draw on the capacity, and capability of clients).

Region: East Africa and Horn of Africa 

Avenues: Face to face or/and online ( with an end-product/advisory report)

 Number of Days: 1- 3, depending on the extent of the work

Cost: Negotiable as per existing  market rates


“Strategic advice and development are inseparable, if done correctly.” Caroline Wanjiku