Climate Change

 Advocate & Certified Climate Change Trainer

With the increase of land, and ocean temperatures and rise of the sea levels (with an moderate rate of 0.07 Celsius), greenhouse gas emissions, and with their devastating effects on land, marine ecosystems, floods, droughts and equal effects on livelihoods in Africa, amongst other areas, there is need to address the state of the climate through contextualized on ground solutions, identified and owned by communities. Unless addressed through climate change will continue to create havoc.  This is one of the reasons I am a climate change certified trainer and advocate, focusing on universities and non-governmental organizations through training and capacity building.

Current Efforts:

Climate change trainer (From January 2023 to August 2023, I have trained over 40 engineers from Uganda and Kenya in disaster risk reduction)

Get involved in climate change solutions!!

Ways to Help the community:

  • Be an advocate
  • Read about climate change and spread the word about its realities and solutions
  • Plant trees, harvest water; use renewable energy (e.g. solar energy/panels)
  • Decarbonize transport by walking, cycling, and using electric cars
  • Add other viable solutions!!