Transformational Training and Capacity Building

Centered on effective short term training programs, some of the areas include the following:

Area 1: Organizational Development and Project Management within and without the Humanitarian Context (Project Cycle, Needs Assessment, Staff Welfare, Proposal and Report Writing)

Area 2: Leadership and Governance (Public and Corporate Governance)
Area 3: Conflict Management
Area 4: Safety and Security in Hostile Areas

Aim: Using the Kolb’s Learning Cycle, the training and capacity building services targets both national and international organizations working in the humanitarian field. It also focuses on national companies with training and corporate social responsibility programs.

Programs with Humanitarian Organizations

  • Leadership and Management
  • Governance
  • Staff Development (Including Psychosocial Development)
  • Project Management (including Planning, Budgeting, Demonstrating Change, Structuring, and Project Cycle)
  • Proposal and Report Writing (Including Donor Mapping) 
  • Organizational Analysis

Methods and Tools: 

  • Open and bespoke
  • Workshop-style, Kolb’s learning cycle, needs assessment and analysis, mind mapping, SWOT analysis and/or PESTEL). 
  • Development and contextualization of training materials in some of the noted areas as per the request of the client. 
  • Pre-training needs assessment and post training evaluation using survey money feedback, written evaluations or face to face brief discussions with the participants.

Programs with Companies:  

  • Leadership and Management
  • Governance
  • Staff Development (Including Psychosocial Development)

Focal Audiences for Both Organizations and Corporations: Junior to senior management

Coaching and Mentoring: Where necessary short term coaching of staff in leadership and management is provided upon request.