Unemployment as an Economic Threat

 In everyday life, we experience different forms of threats, including physical, emotional, social, and economic. This article is concerned about your understanding of threats and how they categorized in the overall pull of security. I begin by asking you about the last time you experienced potential discomfort about an action and about the last time someone confronted you either by default or intent. Also, about your understanding of threats.

Usually, the majority of people perceive threats in terms of physical risks, for example, aggression, hostility that could be construed as threatening to safety. A colleague who uses intimidation and aggression to subdue others is perceived as a threatening person. A man who consistently verbally insults his wife is perceived as an aggressive person capable to inflicting physical harm. The degree in which we perceive threats depends on the realities on the ground and the potential of the threat in escalating to an actual harm. But despite the various interpretations of threats, they must be taken seriously, for they have the capability of transforming to real harm not only for the individual but also for the community. 

Although there are different types of threats, we shall concentrate on economic threats, specifically, unemployment. Unemployment is an economic threat. Economic threats undermine economic development. Economic threats are shaped by poor economic policies, frameworks, initiatives and negative realities. Polices act as guidelines, procedures and plans to given ideas and philosophies. They indicate a formal direction or course of action. Poor policies are identifiable by a lack of clarity, focus and justification. They are ill understood and ill actualised, for they lack goodwill on the part of the principal actor[s]. Poor polices are short lived, for their sustenance is determined by their interpretation, ownership and practicalization.  Ownership here encompasses not only that of the legislature but also that of the citizenry.  Failure to conceptualize and own polices renders policy ineffective and redundant. Thus, policies must speak to the heart of man, the needs of man and the future of man. Sustainable polices surpass governments and generations, for they are centered on issues. 

As mentioned, unemployment is an economic threat; partly due to its effects or potential impact; for example, crime, petty or hard core.  This reality does not justify crime but provides an understanding of the relation between crime and unemployment. 

Unemployment is not a new phenomenon nor is it relegated to developing continents, such as Africa. No, indeed, most continents of the world experience some degree of unemployment at any period of time. Unemployment is thorn in the flesh for most states, for it negates development. Unemployment breeds on competition, scarcity of resources, national policies, migration, education, and collective responsibility. In some states, the extremes of these aspects define unemployment. The consistent realities of unemployment undermine national progress. Conscious states, however, are consistently engaged in finding solutions to unemployment. 

Now, if you consider unemployment as a threat, then it is necessary to understand the search for positive solutions. One solution is creative development. Creative development regards personal abilities and strengths as assets to self-development. It does not assume employment or income generation is solely the responsibility of the government or other agents, but takes into consideration, the potential of individuals and viable income generation areas such as business, agriculture, information technology. It assumes that development is a personal initiative guided by sound principles. Creative development is person-centered but communally beneficial, for it considers the collective potential of people in national building. Creative development depends on the goodwill, determination, and focus of individuals, determined to better their lives through positive income generation initiatives without fear or resentment. Thus, unemployment can also serve as an aspect of development, where creativity is applied. The ability to overcome unemployment [as an economic threat] is possible; creativity, positive initiatives, and a sense of responsibility are key in achieving the stated. 

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